the experts



The Marketing Guru

"I pull rabbits

from hats"

Mark has 9 years of experience working in advertising for large agencies such as Ogilvy and M&C Saatchi Abel. He has gained experience in the development of marketing strategies, brand communications and creative advertising campaigns for major local and international brands.

  • ​Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

  • Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc), Marketing Honours

Dr. David


The Brainiac

"I read people's minds,



David comes from a background in Clinical Psychology, has vast knowledge in the field of Neuroscience and has completed his PhD on the bases of using fMRI neuroimaging technologies. As the scientific backbone of the Neural Sense™ team, he ensures that all projects are both scientifically and ethically sound. 

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD); Psychiatry 

  • Master of Arts (M.A.), Clinical Psychology


le Roux

The Millennial

'Just a brain learning

about itself'

Simone is our resident marketing associate and research analyst, who has been trained in both neuroscience and marketing (not at the same time, but the best of both) at the University of Cape Town.  She applies her skills in conducting studies for Neural Sense, assisting in analysis, and managing all online digital comms. 


  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) with honours in Medical Science – Neuroscience specialisation (BScHons)

  • Postgraduate diploma in Marketing and Management (PGDipMan)

Dr. Stéfan

Du Plessis

The Mind Hunter

"I can see inside

your brain"


Stéfan is our Virtual reality master. He can teleport you into a whole new world. Stéfan has a background in psychiatry and neuroscience, with a specific interest in the development and application of functional brain imaging paradigms in neurological disease processes that have a particular impact on South Africa’s local population.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Psychiatry

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB, ChB)



The Research Nerd

"Data, data, data"

Kim has a background in genetics and physiology research from the University of Cape Town, where she investigated the role that genetics and circadian rhythm have on exercise performance at different times of the day. Kim has gained experience in research study development, co-ordination and administration. Kim has worked in the science and technology field for the past four years. 


  • MSc (Med) in Exercise Science

  • BSc (Hons) in Human Kinetics and Ergonomics 

Dr. Jean-Paul


The Mind Listener


“Your brain data have interesting stories to tell…”

Jean-Paul (JP) is a clinical neuroscientist who received his training at the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch. This included applications of brain imaging within the context of psychiatric and neurological disease in South Africa. His primary research interest is investigating the neural correlates of brain development in adolescents living with HIV. He also has particular interest in advanced imaging techniques and how this can be applied in other fields outside of the clinical setting, such as consumer neuroscience.


  • MSc (Med) in Medical Physiology

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Clinical Neuroscience


The Data Dude

"I like your HART


Eduard is a Biomedical Engineer and Design Thinker. In the last few years he has developed algorithms and classifiers to identify everything from severe dehydration in infants, to the return of spontaneous circulation in emergency settings and has a specific interest in data driven medicine. 


  • Master of Engineering (MEng), Mechatronic 

  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Mechatronic


The Social Researcher

"I sleep with one

eye open"


Siobhan has a background in sleep research at the University of Cape Town, where she investigated the role that sleep plays in memory consolidation. Siobhan has gained experience working with electroencephalo-graphy (EEG) in relation to the psychological processes, building an understanding of the complex connection between the mind and the brain. 

  • Master of Social Science in Psychology (MSocSc)

  • BA (Hons) Psychology



The Brain Cartographer

"I solve mysterious


Jenna has a mix of experience ranging from research in the field neuropsychology to the creation and analysis of marketing campaigns. She has recently completed her Master's degree in Research Psychology with advanced statistics which focused on the effects of internal bodily dysfunctions on cognitive functioning. Jenna's focus is understanding the human brain and consumer decision making.


  • Master of Arts in Research Design and Statistics, Neuropsychology 

  • BA (Hons) Psychology

Dr. Johnathan

The Astronaut

"Current location:

the galaxy"

Our resident astrophysicist, John really enjoys the analysis of large data sets, especially Bayesian methods, and in his spare time he measures the theoretical evolutionary phase of the very early Universe

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD); Physics, Observational Cosmology, Radio Astronomy

  • BA (Hons) Natural Sciences, MSci Experimental & Theoretical Physics

  • Honours in Medical Science (BSc Med Hons), Neurophysiology


The Night-Time Scientist

"I watch people in their sleep

(in a non-creepy way)"

Michelle is a neuropsychology and sleep researcher. Her PhD investigates the biochemical, physiological and psychological effects of stress and sleep on cognition. Michelle’s strong statistical background ensures scientifically sound studies that aim to understand the interaction between the body, mind and brain.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Psychology - enrolled

  • Master of Arts, Psychological Research; Clinical Neuropsychology

Dr. Andre


The Experimentalist

"To err is human,

to experiment is divine"

Andre is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Town where he teaches undergrad and postgrad courses in game theory, and a postgrad course in experimental economics. He specialises in the design, implementation, and statistical analysis of incentivised experiments to better understand human behaviour.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Economics

  • B.Soc. Sci. Politics, Philosophy, Economics

  • Honours, Economics

  • M.Com, Economics

Dr. Terry


The Branding Strategist

"I build

great brands"


Terry has several decades of marketing and brand building experience. He is both an academic and an experienced marketing practitioner. He specializes in in all aspects of FMCG branding with much hands-on experience in supermarket retailing and branding, both in South Africa and and in the United Kingdom.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics) (BA ECON)

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)                     

Dr. Katharine

The Brainiac #2

"I read people's minds, even David's..."


Katharine is a neuropsychology- based researcher, clinician and consultant. Having recently completed her PhD focusing on physiological, psychosocial, bio-chemical, and neuroradiological factors associated with cognitive impairment, Katharine now utilizes these skills to help Neural Sense™ identify factors related to cognition in everyday consumers. 

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Psychology

  • Master's Degree (upgraded to PhD), Psychological Research; Clinical Neuropsychology


Always on the lookout for great talent. 

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the interns


Van der Kolk

January - April 2019


BSc (Honours) Neuroscience at University of Amsterdam



September - November 2018


BSc (Honours) Neuroscience at University of Amsterdam



September - November 2018


Bachelors of Science in Advertising Management




June - August 2018


Bachelor of Fashion at Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy

Post Graduate Certificate in Marketing at Edinburgh Business School



May - July 2018


Bachelor of Human Biological Neurosciences Specialities at

UPJV, Amiens



January - March 2018


BSc (Honours) Neuroscience at University of Amsterdam



July - September 2016


BA Psychology at

University of Washington



September - December 2015


BA Psychology at

Northeastern University, Boston


Always on the lookout for great interns. 

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 July 2019 - Present Finance and Economics


Gatien du Pont

June 2019 - Present 


Double education Engineering/Management & Entrepreneurship Master's degree   



February - July 2019


Global Marketing & Sales at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences   

Caitlin Zunckel

Scholarship Student

MBusSc (Marketing)

Research: Message Framing in Social Marketing - Effects of Positive and Negative Framing on Attitude toward the Consumption of Meat Products; A Consumer Neuroscience Approach

Lara Abbott

Scholarship Student

MBusSc (Marketing)

Research: The effects of augmented reality visual merchandising on online purchase intention: A consumer Neuroscience approach


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