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Product Development Projects


Project Summary

The Neurowine creative marketing project was a collaboration between Neural Sense™ and BlankBOTTLE, a craft wine brand produced in the Somerset West region in South Africa by winemaker Pieter Walser. Together, we set out to apply the science of Neuromarketing to the art of winemaking to create the world's first Neurowine – a wine made using only the winemakers’ own subconscious emotional responses to the wine tasting experience. 

We used technologies traditionally used in Neuroscience and Neuromarketing and applied them to the wine making process. We tested 21 different wines from vineyards across the country and assessed Pieter's emotional and cognitive response to the wines.

As a wine maker, Pieter feels that he struggles to make his blends because of his preconceptions about the wine and what varietals should blend well together. Using an Electroencephalography (EEG) headset we were able to pick up the electrical activity along Pieter's scalp and build a model based on his brain waves to tap into that unconscious space. We were able to determine the top grapes that his unconscious appeals to together with his subjective reporting to develop his Neurowine. 

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Neurowine Project
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