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Chatbot Testing Projects


Project Summary

Liberty SA has taken on the challenge of revolutionising the short-term insurance industry by developing a chatbot, which will allow clients to complete all their short-term insurance dealings through the chatbot, without having to speak to a call-centre representative. This little chatbot will largely eradicate frustrations experienced by clients having to spend time on the phone tediously speaking to a call-centre agent. 

Neural Sense was tasked with helping to optimise the development of the chatbot through iterative consumer neuroscience testing. Liberty needed to know what the chatbot would look like, what personality he would possess, and the tone and register he would use in his communications. In addition to this, we helped to optimise the end-to-end user journey to ensure that it's smooth, effortless, user-friendly and intuitive. 

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The Science of Persuasion.

Liberty Project
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