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Brand Activation Projects


Project Summary

For the first time in the world, for one night only, Heineken® took music to a whole new level by allowing people to experience it (and create it) with their sense of taste. Working with ground-breaking composer Nicholaas Van Reenan (of Fever Trails), maverick chef Jade de Waal, and masters of brain mapping, Neural Sense™, Heineken® turned flavour into brainwaves, brainwaves into sound waves, and sound waves into music.

We then treated our audience to a Next Level taste experience, and, with their brains connected to our DJ’s software through an EEG headset, their synapses turned taste into totally unique Next Level music tracks in real time. A Neuromarketing creative project like no other.

To get a better understanding of this project,

watch the video below. 

Heineken Project
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