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User Experience Testing

Transform your digital experiences.

Eliminate user pain points and create intuitive user experiences that drive behavioral (e.g. abandonment rates; average order value; conversions), attitudinal (e.g. NPS; CSAT) and business (e.g. sales; ROI; customer lifetime value) performance metrics. 



We convert biometric data into insights that can be implemented immediately into your user interface and site navigation so that the resulting user experience is emotionally engaging and optimised to achieve your business objectives. 

Real-Time Gaze Behaviour

Real-time eye-tracking gaze replays give you the ability to see exactly where your users are looking, what grabs and maintains their attention and understand how your website, app or chatbot is visually navigated. 


Website eye-tracking heatmap

Heat Maps

The visualisation of aggregated attention, as well as the order and importance of the visual influencers,  tells you what the key focal areas are as well as the visual hierarchy of the various UI elements on your website. 

User Journey Mapping

Biometric measures provide an understanding of both the emotional and motivational drivers behind user behaviour during the completion of user journey tasks. During iterative testing, these are mapped against the desired flows your designers and developers are hoping to achieve, so that these can be optimised and validated.


Facial Coding Analysis

A second-by-second account of the emotional experience is needed to identify key moments of frustration and confusion, so that corrective action can be taken to better facilitate the user experience and alleviate the user pain points. 

Customisable Study Design

You can decide what Consumer Neuroscience technologies you want to include based on your research objectives and the depth of insight required.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.52.19


(Galvanic Skin Response)





Ready to get started?

If you're still thinking,

"Why should I?" then read on.

ui and ux testing.png

An enormous amount of time, effort and money goes into developing, promoting and maintaining your website, app and/or chatbot. In today's digital age, it's your customers main point of call. So doesn’t it also makes sense to invest in its usability - the ease with which the user can achieve their goals once they’ve finally landed on your homepage?

But how usable are your digital platforms, really? 

We optimise your online presence in terms of it’s ability to achieve:


How easy is it for a new user to accomplish

tasks the first time they visit your online platform?


How easy is it for someone to come back to using it

 after they haven’t used it for a period of time?


How quickly can users complete tasks

once they have become familiar with it?

User Satisfaction

Do users enjoy the overall experience – the design;

the ease of navigation; the lack of errors or ability to resolve errors themselves?

We do this using cutting edge Consumer Neuroscience in controlled experiments to evaluate how your digital platform is navigated visually, as well as gain insight into both the emotional and cognitive experience of your users. We then use these insights to optimise your website, app and/or chatbot to create meaningful and emotionally engaging user experiences that deliver on your business objectives. 

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