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consumer insight,

Elevate your customer experience and enhance advertising effectiveness with neuroscience driven market research using

Brain Monitoring, Eye-tracking & Biometric technologies.

research services

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Make your advertising and marketing more compelling & effective


Make your digital user experiences intuitive, emotionally engaging & enjoyable

Shopper Research

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Truly understand the last mile to create meaningful & engaging shopping experiences that drive sales


strategic consulting


Apply neuroscience principles to craft the ultimate customer  experience


Understand, evaluate and optimize the economic decisions of your customers


Apply behavioral and psychological theories to influence consumer behaviour 

create more Emotive,
memorable & Effective ads

AdNeuro is the fastest ad testing platform driven by neuroscience, providing second-by-second analysis, insights & recommendations for ad optimization


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To be truly customer-centric,

you need to experience your brand

through their brain   

our clients

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Karin Lombard-de Kock

Marketing Manager: Customer


I was pleasantly surprised at the cost - 

I thought it would be prohibitive for a value retailer to do this kind of research. 


I was scared of analysis paralysis, but the report has been comprehensive without being overwhelming and I think you guys did a really great job at getting to those key nuggets.


Marty Epstein

CEO of Short-Term Insurance


The Liberty Short-Term Insurance team has had a very rewarding relationship with Neural Sense in helping us launch our digital insurance product. 


Their use of neuroscience technology helped us identify the right tone and language to use with our customers as well as maximizing emotional engagement and reducing customer confusion in the digital on boarding process. Neural Sense has 100% been a part of our development journey and guided us along the way resulting in a fantastic outcome.


Dee Evans
Consumer Experience & Insights Director


Neural Sense were critical partners in renovating our packaging for greater shelf impact and optimised consumer navigation of brand, variant and benefits across a complicated category with an explosion of variants. 


We enjoyed working with Neural Sense, the challenges they put on the table and their point of view which lead to an actionable outcome.


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As a Neuromarketing company, Neural Sense is a member of the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NMSBA) and International Neuroethics Society. We are also members of SAMRA and have also established research partnerships with leading academic institutions:

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Neural Sense follows a strict ethics charter as outlined by the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (link to code of ethics),

as well as the South African Market Research Association (link to code of conduct and link to code of ethics).  

We also work in partnership with leading market research firms and brand agencies: 



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