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Your Online Shopping Experience was Grown in a Lab

As you scroll through a website—say,—you’re sending a lot of signals. Your eyes dart from headline to headline... Your brow furrows at one article. You laugh at a clever turn of phrase in another.  Usually, all these physical cues go nowhere... But now, businesses are hoping to game your attention by closely examining all these bodily responses. 

Service with a Smile: How a Simple Gesture Could Influence Consumer Decision-Making

It's often easy to be in a state of negativity bias; simply reading the news can often be disheartening. However, there is great business sense in turning that frown upside down. 

Cognitive Ease: A Behavioural Aspect on Brand Exposure

In his book Brand Against the Machine, John Morgan talks about the importance of brand visibility over brand ability, as it gets customers in the door while ability keeps them there. What Morgan is touching on here is the concept of cognitive ease. What does this mean for marketers and their ability to effect consumer perceptions? 

Neuromarketing and What it Means for Adland

Neuromarketing has been described as the place where brain science and marketing meets. It aims to help brands and their agencies on the consumers-insights front in assessing how people engage with with brands or products, be that in a physical environment, such as a retailer, or online.

The Effects of Christmas Scents on the Brain

It's that time of year again - Christmas music tinkles in the background, decorations hang all around us, and sights and smells trigger that Christmas-ey sense of nostalgia. But what effect does this have on our brain? And how are retail stores using it to their advantage? 

Your Sweat Glands Don't Lie: The Power of Neuroscience in the Marketing Mix

Emotion. We can’t control it and we can’t hide it. We can’t hide it from our family or friends and we definitely can’t hide it from Neural Sense, an agency making waves in the art of Neuromarketing. Mark Drummond, director and co-founder, has a lot to share about our fascinating emotional and cognitive processes.

How to Conduct Successful Neuromarketing Studies [Neural Sense Interview]

An Interview with our very own, Mark Drummond, on the studies we've conducted to date.

SA Neuroscientists Launch World’s First NeuroWine

A South African team of neuromarketers and neuroscientists have announced the launch of the world’s first ever NeuroWine, a wine that was developed by taking the tools and technologies that are traditionally used in neuroscience and applying them to the art of wine-making.

How Neural Sense Grew From a Kitchen Cupboard to Become African Leaders in Neuromarketing

Three years ago, Neural Sense didn’t have a single client. Today, they’re boasting business with giants like Coca Cola, Telkom, Old Mutual and Liberty. So we chatted to co-founder, Mark Drummond, to find out how they did it.

A Next Level Sensory Experience: Edible Music

What happens when you combine Electroencephalography, an electronic music producer and a gastronomical chef? A next level sensory experience which Heineken® is calling Edible Music.

Heineken® Takes Taste to the Next Level with Edible Music

By combining a gastronomical chef, brilliant creative minds, Heineken® and a bit of fancy science, a way was found for people’s response to food stimulus to be translated into music. Cool, right?

Taking it All in: Brand Bosses in Your Head

They know you like showing people pictures of your Starbucks cappuccinos and that you click "like" on anything related to small dogs with big eyeballs. They even know that, as a general rule, you like to party in Braamfontein with bloggers known for wearing floral prints. All of this allows them to sell you stuff with the precision of a laser-guided missile.

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