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Shopper Research Projects


Project Summary

Ackermans - a Southern African value retailer that provides a wide selection of fashion for ladies, kids, babies, and men, as well as homeware, cellular and key financial products - commissioned an in-store Eye-tracking project to understand how their customers were practically and physically engaging with the store environment.


In this project, we assessed how customers interacted with Ackerman's products, how they navigated the stores, and whether or not in-store POS is viewed and effective. The insights gained from this project allowed Ackermans to improve the in-store experience, cut costs with POS materials that weren't working, and affirmed and denied a number of assumptions held about how customers behave in Ackerman's stores.

To get a better understanding of this project, watch the video below. 

Pick 'n Pay Project


Project Summary

Pick 'n Pay, South Africa's second largest supermarket chain store, commissioned an in-store Eye-tracking study to investigate the consumer experience of their re-designed fresh look stores and gain insight into their new shopping experience. 

There are a number of ways in which Pick 'n Pay are trying to capture their customers attention and there are a number of pain points that they have tried to remove from the customer journey. So with Eye-tracking, they were truly able to experience their stores through the eyes of their consumers. Pick 'n Pay were able to shop vicariously through their customers and go around with them in the stores to understand their pain points and see where their attention was drawn. 

In addition to this, Pick 'n Pay wanted to develop an understanding of how people navigate certain product categories and what influences their purchasing decisions. Do they look at brand first? Product quality? What role does price pay? How effective are their promotional messaging? 

We found that purchase intention or decisions to acquire a product was driven largely by promotions. Too much choice of a particular product created indecision and actually slowed them down.

The results from this project allowed Pick 'n Pay to optimise how their stores are navigated and how products are stocked on shelves, as well as optimise the consumer journey so that consumers had a better in-store experience, could complete their shop in a quicker time and ultimately drive up their sales.  

To get a better understanding of this project, watch the video below. 

TNS Project


Project Summary

Neural Sense™ partnered with TNS to combine the TNS Conversion Model and State of Mind methodologies with Neuromarketing technologies to provide our clients with a more holistic view of consumer behaviour within a shopper environment, from both a conscious and subconscious perspective. This thereby provided invaluable insights into the consumers’ experience of their brands, products and services.


The TNS Conversion Model has enabled TNS to develop a strong understanding of people's choice, behaviour and commitment and how that relates to people navigating specific categories or brands. Where the Conversion model gives you an indication of the varying degrees of desire that people have for brands, State of Mind helps you to understand why and provides context.


Clients very often want to know what their consumers think in a shopping space from a conscious and subconscious perspective. The combined efforts of this study enabled our clients to develop a better understanding of the in-store consumer experience and how involved consumers are with brands as they navigate through the store environment. Through the use of Mobile Eye-tracking glasses and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), which provides us with their level of emotional engagement throughout the experience, we were able to decipher the subconscious drivers that influence the consumers' purchase decisions. 

To get a better understanding of this project, watch the video below. 

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