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Brand Activations

Bring your brand experience to life.

Our consumer neuroscience and biometric technologies create unique, engaging and meaningful brand experiences for your target audience during live activations and events.

We partner with marketing and advertising agencies to co-create immersive experiences that bring their client’s brands to life, be that in the way of new products and services are launched or how their brand attributes are experienced first-hand. 

Plug & Play Solutions

Our commercial neuromarketing devices are wireless, mobile, easy to use, intuitive to interpret and can be applied to any number of different creative brand activations. Data visualization tools can be used display the neurofeedback and biometric data of the individual experience to other customers attending the event or activation in real time.


How do consumers brains react when they hear, taste, smell or touch your product? We bring that sensory experience to life, turning real-world customer experiences into real-time data that can be analysed, interpreted and visualized. From creating music you can taste, to wines developed from the winemaker's implicit subconscious response to the tasting experience, the opportunities for the creative application of consumer neuroscience technologies are endless.  



Pick and choose from our wide range of neuromarketing tools to create your own unique customer engagement or brand activation. We cover it all, from EEG head-sets that measure brain activity and GSR biosensors that measure the level of emotional arousal during an experience, to Neurofeedback and biometric technologies that allow you to quantify the intangible aspects of your customers’ experience, making it tangible.















If you're still thinking,

"Why should I?" then read on.

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Consumer Neuroscience technologies allow you to measure the implicit, subconscious experience of consumers as they engage with your brand, product and/or service. The creative use of this technology for a brand activation can also turn this real-time consumer experience data into a unique consumer experience

From 3D brain maps that model real time neural brain activity to graphical representations of the levels of emotional expression and engagement achieved while a consumer experiences your brand, these dynamic visualisations can give consumers first-hand insight into their implicit, physiological and neurological response to a brand experience.

These technologies can also be combined with other creative elements to bring an entirely new brand experience to life. We've already had the opportunity to work on some amazing consumer experience brand activations that leverage Consumer Neuroscience technologies, like the music you can taste project with Heineken where we help the creative team turn brain waves into sound waves. 

Ready to get creative with Consumer Neuroscience?

Ready to get started?

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