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Menu Design


Is your brand truly winning the last mile? To conquer the final sprint, you have to ensure that your display not only grabs attention, but elicits an influential emotional response that drives purchase intent. Otherwise you’ll end up wasting a great deal of time and financial resources on yet another cardboard cut-out, shelf talker or wobbler that simply clutters your category’s shopping aisle.  

Shopper marketing is one of the most important strategic components of any FMCG brand's marketing strategy, and neuromarketing can offer more insight into your shoppers behaviour than any other research methodology. It enables you to identify the visual influencers that impact the decision making process and truly understand the emotional and cognitive journey of your shopper as a result. 

See Through The Eyes of Your Customers

Our mobile eye-tracking glasses allow you to literally walk in your customers shoes, and experience your potential new promotional display from their unique perspective. We help you understand what really grabs their attention, what information is reviewed and when, and how this all impacts the final purchase decision with real time gaze tracking.

The Emotional Shopper Journey

Our mobile Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Electroencephalography (EEG) units provide insight into the real-world emotional and cognitive experience of shoppers as they navigate the store and engage with your promotional display. We can measure their level of emotional arousal; approach motivation (an aspect of desirability); engagement; cognitive workload (how much mental effort is being applied) as well as how positive or negative a respondent is feeling during their shopping experience.

Any Fieldwork, Any Format

Pick and choose from our wide range of neuromarketing tools to create your own unique customer engagement or brand activation. We cover it all, from Electroencephalography head-sets that measure brain activity and Galvanic Skin Response biosensors that measure the level of emotional arousal during an experience, to Neurofeedback and biometric technologies that allow you to quantify the intangible aspects of your customers’ experience, making it tangible.











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"Why should I?" then read on.


To what extent does your menu board’s design and layout drive appetite appeal and emotional engagement? Is it simply a laundry list of things to consume, or does it make your customer salivate instantaneously? Your consumer’s first bite is with the blink of their eye, so you better make sure it’s a delicious one.  


The correct food photography style and use of product imagery, placement of pricing and promotional offers as well as strategic visual cues and navigation techniques within a menu can improve both your customers’ experience as well as their basket size. 


We use Consumer Neuroscience to measure, understand and affect how your customer places their order to ensure that we’re nudging them in the right direction from the starters through to dessert. We also draw from decades of academic research in this area to provide input into how your menu board could be better designed in the first place. We then test multiple design iterations to ensure that your menu is the best possible version of itself. 


Image if you upsized that meal, added that extra side or sold that extra slice of cheese - each and every time. That would definitely be something to savour. 


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