Chabot User Experience Testing

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Gain actionable insights for the design and optimisation of your chatbot user experience using consumer neuroscience. Biometric technologies allow you to determine what grabs and maintains attention, measure emotional response, and create the optimal cognitive flow and engagement throughout the user journey. Our consumer behaviour research focuses on delivering strategic and tactical insights that solve your business challenges.

Actionable Insights

We convert biometric data into insights that can be implemented immediately into your user interface and site navigation so that the resulting user experience is emotionally engaging and optimised to achieve your business objectives. 

Real-Time Gaze


Real-time eye-tracking gaze replays give you the ability to see exactly where your users are looking, what grabs and maintains their attention and understand how your chatbot is visually navigated.


Heat Maps

The visualisation of aggregated attention, as well as the order and importance of the visual influencers,  tells you what the key focal areas are as well as the visual hierarchy of the various UI elements on your website. 



User Journey Mapping

Biometric measures provide an understanding of both the emotional and motivational drivers behind user behaviour during the completion of specific user journey tasks. During iterative testing, these are mapped against the desired flows your designers and developers are hoping to achieve so that these can be optimised and validated.

Facial Coding Analysis

A second-by-second account of the emotional experience is needed to identify key moments of frustration and confusion so that corrective action can be taken to better facilitate the user experience and alleviate the user pain points. 


Study Design

You can decide what Consumer Neuroscience technologies you want to include based on your research objectives and the depth of insight required.



(Galvanic Skin Response)





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Are you leveraging technology to develop a Chatbot to service your consumers and customers in the most effective and efficient way? 

Have you considered how human your human computer interface should be? What personality should it have? It’s tone and manner? Should it use emoji’s, shorthand text and local colloquiums to communicate? All of these factors will determine how your customers engage with it, the level of service they receive and ultimately how they will experience your brand.

Through in-depth user testing, we can ensure that your Chatbot not only provides the most seamless service to your customers and consumers from a user interface and user experience perspective, but it does so in the most emotionally engaging and relevant way for your brand.


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