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Who are we?

Neural Sense™ is Africa’s first Neuromarketing company and the leader in using consumer neuroscience to elevate customer experiences. We enable brands to dive deep into the hearts & minds of their customers to measure, understand and affect human emotion and behaviour. With our leading biometric & consumer neuroscience technology, we enable brands to understand their customers’ needs better than ever. 

Brands need to be two steps ahead to remain competitive and quite frankly, that’s becoming more & more difficult. Increasingly, businesses are turning to Neuromarketing as a way of getting into the subconscious mind of consumers to fully understand their emotional responses. Creating emotional connection is vital. Why? Because we are not rational beings who occasionally act emotionally. Instead, we are emotional beings who occasionally act rationally. 

Neural Sense™ empowers companies to optimise Online User Experiences; In-Store Shopping Behaviour; Advertising and Marketing Communications; New Product Design and Development; Store Design and Ergonomics; and so much more. To achieve this, our researchers use Electroencephalography (EEG) technology to measure brain activity and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) biometric sensors to measure changes in one's physiological state, to learn why consumers make the decisions they do. We also investigate the emotions experienced through Facial Coding and identify the visual influencers with Mobile Eye-tracking glasses, Virtual Reality eye-tracking headsets and Remote eye-tracking technologies. 

The importance of Neuromarketing lies in its ability to scientifically assess emotional processes that are subconscious and implicit, thereby providing access to richer & less biased insights than traditional research techniques. So isn’t it time to emote your brand with the science of Neuromarketing?

To get a better understanding of what we do, watch the videos below

Heineken Project
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